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A Walk through the Churchyard

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It is inspirational, moving and extremely well written. The bare honesty of the author gives the book authenticity and I, as I assume others, was able to feel the authors pain but I was also able to be inspired by his journey and survival through a dark period. It is also a beautiful book about the relationship of marriage and, again, the author's honesty, reveals and teaches that marriage is filled with good days and difficult days. However, the trunks of the tree stay intertwined. - The Rev. Jan Heglund

This is not simply a memoir of loss but a beautifully written book of loss and love. Rob unfolds his story in such a way that I could not put it down. I love well written passages that make me want to go back and read and re-read certain sentences. There are many of these in the book. It was easy to identify with the loss of a love . Like Rob's wife, Laura, my daughter died suddenly as a young mother. My grandchildren were the same ages as Rob's two children, 5 and 8. The shock of having a mother and wife one day to the next day having her gone is very well expressed.

I found the book to be hopeful and healing. A loving God walks with this family through the valley of death and despair and we are able to experience the small and large moments of Grace and Love. This is a book I will buy and gift to others that have experienced loss in their lives. -
E. Merriman

This book is very personal and and yet is speaks to the question of why people people die when we don't want them to and how they are aware of their death in ways I did not understand. It also gives a profound and deeply gratifying understanding of how the soul lives on passing through the invisible into a fourth dimension and that they never leave us, they wait for us. The gentle interspersion of pieces from the Book of Common prayer moved me more than I expected. -Steve Fabes

The Episcopal Call to Love

I loved the book and it challenged my thinking in many ways. Should be required reading for Episcopalians and indeed all Christians. -Curtis Tipton

Rob Gieselmann is a man of God, truly believing that we are all children of God and His Son, Jesus Christ, who brought to earth a new covenant of love for all, giving the most important command-ment of all: love yourself as I have loved you and your neighbor as yourself. -Lynn Aberdeen

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