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About Rob

Episcopal Priest: One of the joys of my life has been serving as priest to a number of people and parishes, in Tennessee, Maryland, California and Idaho. My goal as a priest is to help people experience the complete and astounding grace of a God who wants nothing more than to love and be loved by us.

Writer: Like paint to an artist, the printed word accords the creative writer the medium of images. Discursive writing create a two-dimensional experience, whereas images in stories and poetry convey feelings and concepts as a three-dimensional experience. 

Father: My role as father to two children, Tate and Tilly,  now both adults, has been - if I can say so - the greatest of my life's experiences and accomplishments.

Friend: Having lived in so many places - I am a bit of a nomad - I am honored to have collected many friends along the way, many close friends.

Artist: Like writing, art taps into feelings and impressions at some subterranean level. I paint, write and garden - not because I am good at any of these - but because the experience of creating is deeply spiritual. 

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